Workshop announcement: underway and sensor CO2 data and metadata quality control procedures

When: 1-3 April 2019

Where: Sopot, Poland

Description: It is a fundamental requirement when investigating major issues like global change to have absolute confidence in the quality of the data utilized in the process. Due to the fundamental role of surface ocean CO2 data in such investigations, significant effort has gone over the past
decade into developing techniques and methodologies that allow globally coherent quality control of this data. The goal of this workshop is to update the workshop participants on those protocols through a series of lectures and practicals given in the context of the most comprehensive surface ocean CO2 data set, the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas.

Participation: Registration is free and on a “first come – first served” basis to welcome 20 participants at maximum. To register please send an email by 22 March 2019 to Maciej Telszewski ( and Karol Kulinski ( with your name, title and full affiliation as well as a brief description of your post in relation to the workshop agenda.

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