Call for manuscripts: special issue on ocean warming, acidification and deoxygenation

Manuscript submission deadline: 31 October 2019

The Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) is organizing a Special Issue entitled “Ocean Warming, Acidification and Deoxygenation” in the online journal, Climate (ISSN 2225-1154,

Oceanic warming, acidification and deoxygenation are beginning to change the ocean environment in ways that are going to impact the ability of the oceans to support the many services on which society depends, e.g., transportation, food and recreation, to name but a few. It is critical that these changes be well documented and understood. How do they vary regionally and temporally? What are the correlations between them and with important forcing factors, both natural and anthropogenic? How can this information best be presented in ways that will be useful to policy makers and managers?

For further reading, please follow the link to the Special Issue

If this topic is of interest, you may send your manuscript now or up until the deadline (31 October 2019). Submitted papers should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We also encourage authors to send a short abstract or tentative title to the Editorial Office in advance ( or

Climate is fully open access. Open access (unlimited and free access by readers) increases publicity and promotes more frequent citations, as indicated by several studies.

For details of the submission process, please see the instructions for authors,

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