Carbon biogeochemical cycle and consequences of climate changes

The article is devoted to estimating global carbon cycling and to possible relevant climate changes. The principal attention is paid to turnover of carbon in the biosphere and quantitative estimations of carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. It is also compared the carbon biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Carbon dioxide interactions in air-sea water system are as well illustrated. Global carbon fluxes are also presented in accordance with modern data. Finally, possible global changes and relevant environmental pattren are described using critical loads of sulfur and nitrogen in the european ecosystems. Two working hypothesis are considered for possible explanating the p(CO2) increase in atmosphere, owing to anthropogenic impact and natural phenomena.

Bashkin V. N., 2019. Carbon biogeochemical cycle and consequences of climate changes. In: Encyclopedia of Ecology (Second Edition), pp 37-47. Elsevier, Amsterdam. Chapter (restricted access).

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