Opening of the new Ocean CArbon Data System (OCADS) Project

Message to the Ocean Carbon Community from Alex Kozyr, NOAA Affiliate:

Dear Ocean Carbon Scientists,

We are pleased to announce that NOAA/NCEI has opened the new Ocean CArbon Data System, (OCADS) Project (former CDIAC Ocean) web page for public use. The OCADS web site address is

OCADS is responsible for hosting and providing access for ocean carbon data collected from around the world, as previously performed by the Oceans component of the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC-Oceans) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

We aim to make OCADS a customer-centric data management entity and try to listen to the community to provide stellar customer support as was done at CDIAC. We value the importance of putting all ocean carbon data into one repository and welcome data submissions from around the world.

In general, the OCADS web site is based on the former CDIAC Ocean web page with similar data exploring tools. However, the CDIAC-Oceans data discovery system Mercury has been replaced by the NCEI Ocean Carbon and Acidification Data Portal. Any DOI and EXPOCODE that were issued by CDIAC-Oceans for a data set can still be used to search the Portal to locate that data set.

While some changes may take time for you to get used to, we hope to provide even better service by putting ocean carbon data into a long-term archive, creating stable data citations, and using terms from controlled vocabularies. Our goal is to build an ocean carbon data service that is driven by the users and at the same time meets all U.S. Government data management requirements. We look forward to working with you for your future ocean carbon data management needs.

Thank you,

Alex Kozyr, NOAA Affiliate

Phone: 865-216-4499   Web:

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