Workshop: “Using natural analogues to investigate the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on northern ecosystems”, 2017 ESSAS Open Science Meeting on Subarctic and Arctic Science, 11-15 June 2017, Tromsø, Norway

Description: This half-day workshop will investigate the effects of climate change and OA in Subarctic and Arctic ecosystems by bring together international experts with experience in monitoring carbonate chemistry across spatial and temporal gradients at high latitudes, using natural analogues to assess the effects of predicted OA at different levels of biological organisation and the effects of elevated pCO2 and low carbonate saturation on high latitude species. The primary objectives of the workshop will be to:

1) Document the importance of using natural analogues to investigate the effects of climate change and OA in subarctic and arctic ecosystems, and how such frameworks may be developed in the future.

2) Identify suitable natural analogue sites for future research into climate change and OA in the Subarctic and Arctic waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Polar Oceans.

3) Form a strong cross disciplinary group of experienced researchers to support future applications for funding work on this topic.

The workshop will consist of some initial presentations and then discussions working towards a manuscript related to objective 1 above. In addition, a report on the results of the discussions on objectives 2 and 3 will be produced.

Convenors: Samuel Rastrick, IMR, Norway, samuel.rastrick(at); Tina Kutti, IMR, Norway, tina.kutti(at); Melissa Chierici, IMR, Norway, melissa.chierici(at); Marco Milazzo, U. of Palermo, Italy, marco.milazzo(at); Jason Hall-Spencer, U. of Plymouth, UK, jason.hall-spencer(at); Agneta Fransson, NPI, Norway, agneta.fransson(at)

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