Special session on ocean acidification at the 2017 ESSAS Open Science Meeting on Subarctic and Arctic Science, 11-15 June 2017, Tromsø, Norway

Rationale: The formation and transport of corrosive waters in the Arctic–does it matter? Ocean acidification is thought to increase most in the cold regions of the ocean including the Sub-Arctic and Arctic. What do the observations tell us? What are the impacts of OA on Sub-Arctic and Arctic species and what effect will this have on their ecosystems?

Co-chairs: Kumiko Azetsu-Scott (Canada), Kumiko.Azetsu-Scott(at)dfo-mpo.gc.ca; Melissa Chierici (Norway), melissa.chierici(at)imr.no.

Keynote Speakers: Peter Thor (Norway); Jessica Cross (USA); Agneta Fransson (Norway)

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