Arctic Mission – Call for applications

Project initiator: Ms Laura Hampton, high latitude sailor and multi-media science journalist specialising in the oceans and Poles for the New Scientist and the BBC

Application deadline: 8 February 2017!

Arctic Mission involves three North Pole-related endeavours over the coming years, with scientific discovery at their heart.

In July 2017 we will attempt the first voyage by sailing yacht to the North Geographic Pole, the aim being to demonstrate to a global audience the extent of seasonal sea-ice loss (to date up to 40%) in the international waters of the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO).

We are offering three berths to researchers with interests in the Central Arctic Ocean with respect to fish (especially detection), plankton; and oceanography. A cetologist is confirmed.

The science onboard the yachts will be communicated daily to Arctic Mission’s audience through our media partners and specialist communications agencies. The aim is to begin the transformation of public understanding about the existence, function and value of the marine life in the CAO, with its long term protection the ultimate goal in the years ahead.

It should be understood that  priority will be given to researchers committing to embrace the opportunity to communicate their scientific work while aboard, and also committing to swift publication of results.

No charge will be made for the berths or living expenses aboard. All other expenses to be met by the researcher including insurance, freight, science equipment, joining travel/accommodation, and downstream scientific analysis. If this is problematic, please apply advising which of these costs can be covered.

A marine pollutant and atmospheric sampling programme will also be undertaken, with the samples available to researchers ashore. We invite interested parties in these samples to get in touch. We are open to any other sampling and data gathering programme proposals, to be undertaken by existing crew members.

Our two specialist yachts (approx 50’) will be making the 6-week, 3,000 mile round trip from Nome (Alaska, USA) from approx 23 July-6 Sept.

Expressions of interest are welcomed by 8 February 2017. Confirmation of berth allocation is intended by end February latest.

For further information, please contact me on this email address.

Arctic Mission follows Hadow’s multi award-winning international research and public communications programme, Catlin Arctic Survey (2009-2011), which studied sea-ice volume, ocean acidification, and thermohaline circulation.

For further information, please contact:

Laura Hampton, Sailor/Journalist


Skype: WorldExpLaura

UK: (+44) 07718 936953

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