“Effects of ocean acidification on habitat and organisms in benthic coastal habitat of the Mediterranean Sea” – fellowship offered by the Italian Ministry of Education

Application deadline: 20 October 2016, 12:00 pm

The investigation is aimed to analyze the composition, structure and functional traits of the macrobenthic communities (phyto- and zoo benthos) in four sites, located around the coast of the Island of Ischia, characterized by CO2 emissions and therefore natural acidification of the seawaters, and in some sites used as control which are located at the same depth, host the same habitat but are characterized by normal pH conditions. The project will also consider the autoecology and adaptation to OA of a key species the madreporarian Astroides calycularis. Most of the analyses will be performed by means of image analysis, but sampling and in situ transplant techniques, as well deployment of sensors, and collection of water samples, for measure of relevant factors related to ocean acidification (pH, temperature, oxygen, carbonate chemistry), will be considered.

Eligibility criteria

  • Italian or European PhD in marine sciences (biology or ecology), and at least 3 publications in ISI Journals.
  • Good knowledge of biology/ecology, and/or taxonomy/ecology of a groups of the marine benthos (both phyto- or zoobenthos).
  • Knowledge of the benthic community of the coastal habitat of the Mediterranean.
  • In alternative, experience in performing experiments both in situ or in laboratory conditions with marine organisms.
  • Skill in ecological/biological interpretation of the data, and skill in analyses of ecological data with uni- and multivariate techniques, and possibly in image analysis software.
  • It is mandatory expertise in scientific SCUBA diving (an “advanced” diving license of any diving associations, and at least 30 documented dives, also for recreational purposes)

Selection process

Competition based on qualifications and colloquium. The assessment of the candidates will be conducted by a special jury, which will examine the qualifications and the performance of an interview (if necessary also on Skype) aimed at ascertaining the candidate’s professional expertise in scientific, as well as his attitude to carry out specific research subject of the application.

Further information.

Original posting (in Italian, ref: Assegno di Ricerca n. 15/2016).

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