Videos and presentation from the SOCAN webinar series

SECOORA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Acidification Program are facilitating the formation of the Southeast Ocean and Coastal Acidification Network (SOCAN) to support and encourage discussions on ocean and coastal acidification in the Southeast region.

SOCAN hosted a state-of-the-science webinar series on ocean acidification. The series is now completed and all the archived webinars and presentations can be found here.

The series sought to lay a foundation for the state of ocean acidification science in the Southeast region.  These webinars intended to create a dialogue among key stakeholders to identify what is known, what isn’t, and what research in other locales can be applied to better understand ocean acidification and its impacts in the Southeast US. The SOCAN Steering Committee will use information learned from the webinars to develop a state-of-the-science white paper on ocean acidification in the southeast.

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