GOOS webinar: “PI-GOOS and the State of Operational Oceanography in the Pacific Islands Region”, 8 February 2016

Date & time: 8 February 2016, 23:00 UTC

Presented by: Dr Tommy Moore, PI-GOOS Officer

The Pacific Islands Global Ocean Observing System Regional Alliance is the largest of the GOOS Regional Alliances and is made up of 21 Pacific Island Countries and Territories. The “large island states” of the region are composed of a large number of small, remote communities with limited resources and technical capacity. As a result of this ocean observing and operational oceanography are limited in the region, with most data and modelling results coming as part of broader global efforts (i.e. Argo and TPOS) and neighbouring GRAs (IMOS and PacIOOS). One of the major strengths of the PI-GOOS region is the strong sense of regionalism and regional cooperation. Major new activities within PI-GOOS include the formation of the PI Marine and Ocean Services Panel (PIMOS) and PI Education, Training and Research Panel (PIETR) which aim to advise and promote marine and education activities of the regional National Meteorological Services; the New Zealand and Monaco funded Pacific Islands Ocean Acidification Partnership; and the completion of the first of a series of Data Buoy Cooperation Panel capacity building workshops.

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