Wind-powered vessel for removal of carbon dioxide from seawater (United States Patent)

Inventors: DeVaul R. W. (Mountain View, CA) & Vander Lind D. (Alameda, CA)

Disclosed embodiments relate to an ocean-going vessel that includes an airborne wind turbine to generate power. The generated power can be used for an electrodialysis system that extracts carbon dioxide (CO2) from seawater and/or for an electrolysis system that produces hydrogen (H2), both of which are disposed on the ocean-going vessel. The ocean-going vessel further includes a refinery system that may use a mixture of the H2 and CO2 gases that are to produce a fuel or chemical. In an example embodiment, the mixture of the H2 and CO2 gases may be processed to produce a synthetic fuel, which in turn may be processed to produce ethanol.

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