SOCAN webinar: “Deciphering the effects of OA on microbial assemblage structure and community function”, 15 September 2015, 12:00 pm ET

Date & time: Tuesday September 15, 2015, 12:00pm ET

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Progressing ocean acidification may significantly impact marine plankton community structure and community-level processes. Yet, our ability to predict specific responses is highly limited due to the taxonomic complexity of microbial assemblages and the limitations of the methodological and experimental tools presently available to test specific hypotheses. Research focusing on single microbes (typically well-studied cultured species) has begun to reveal important mechanistic insight into the potential effects of a changing CO2 regime. Much less, however, is known about how mixed (natural) assemblages may respond to ocean acidification. A central question is if the trends and patterns that are observed in microbial communities during short-term manipulations can be extrapolated to the responses of fully acclimated plankton communities over decadal or longer timescales. Further challenges arise from linking shifts in microbial assemblage structure to shifts in biogeochemistry at the base of the food web in response to changed global climate parameters (i.e. pCO2 and temperature). State-of-the-art molecular approaches allow researchers to tackle these challenges across an array of marine systems. These novel approaches will help us understand the impacts of OA on microbial communities in the SAB.

SOCAN is hosting a state-of-the-science webinar series on ocean acidification.  The series will lay a foundation for the state of ocean acidification science in the Southeast region.  These webinars are intended to create a dialogue among key stakeholders to identify what is known, what isn’t, and what research in other locales can be applied to better understand ocean acidification and its impacts in the Southeast US. The SOCAN Steering Committee will use information learned from the webinars to develop a state-of-the-science white paper on ocean acidification in the southeast.  Webinars will be tentatively hosted every two weeks at 12pm ET starting Tuesday March 10. Each webinar will be recorded and posted on this page. Sign up for our listserv for updates on webinars and other SOCAN news.

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