Response to headline “Bulk of research on impacts of ocean acidification is FLAWED”

An article in the Daily Mail on Friday 7th August claimed that a new study had found that the “bulk of research on impacts of ocean acidification is flawed”. In fact the study does not overturn the overwhelming evidence that acidification of the ocean will have serious impacts.

Dr Chris Cornwall, School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia

“The article in the Daily Mail misrepresents our findings. There is overwhelming evidence that the effects of ocean acidification will impact our oceans through reductions in the growth and calcification rates of organisms with calcium carbonate ‘skeletons’ (e.g. shellfish, corals), and an alteration of the behaviour of other marine invertebrates and fish. We should be extremely worried about these future impacts of ocean acidification which will have irreversible consequences for our oceans. Rather than being “flawed”, the majority of ocean acidification studies have been carried out carefully, and provide extremely useful data on this complex area of research.”

Sense about Science, 10 August 2015. Comment.

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