“Molly sells mussels no more”: remake by Enda Reilly, Ireland (audio)

Dublin singer-songwriter Enda Reilly writes in both English and Irish, and his Irish songs can be heard regularly on RTÉ Radio na Gaeltachta.

Enda was contacted by @Lemonsea via a tweet requesting a song about ocean acidification after them hearing his song “We All Own The Sky” on the UNFCCC website. It was an issue the author had wanted to write a song about for quite a while so this was the perfect opportunity. Molly Malone is the a well known character from a Dublin song and somehow the ghost of Molly has made it into this song. Enda added the first verse of the original song for anyone who may never have heard it just as an intro.

The author hopes it will help with the awareness of ocean acidification ahead of the Paris COP21 in December.

“Will you stay placid as the sea turns to acid
And the sea shells are no more
The tide is turning the sea is fizzing
And Molly sells mussels no more

Maybe you don’t know what’s going on,
I’ll try to explain it to you
You may have heard we’ve been emitting far too much CO2…”

More about the song and the author.

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