Discover dominica speaks on ocean acidification

Lolita Raffoul, Product development executive manager for Discover Dominica Authority, discussed with cbn4news, on the 27th of June 2015, how ocean acidification will affect the tourism industry within Dominica.

Ocean Acidification also known as the cancer of climate change is defined as a quarter of carbon dioxide releasing into the atmosphere dissolves into the sea, changing the sea water’s chemistry making it more acidic.The Caribbean Sea is set to be one of the top three bodies of water at high risk from the impacts of climate change relating to ocean acidification.

Making the topic of ocean acidification a very touching one for us here within the Caribbean since we depend mainly on the tourism industry and the fisheries industry. Discover Dominica authorities, therefore, participate in a regional workshop, to aim at reducing ocean acidification within the Caribbean.The regional workshop commenced because global climate change is impacting the entire world including the Caribbean, and by extension affecting several different industries.

Raffoul stated that the O.E.C.S Secretariat, particularly the ocean governance section is focusing on trying to sensitize stakeholders both in the tourism and fisheries sector who are most likely to be affected. The purpose for the workshop was to create a comprehensive plan for the O.E.C.S in relation to addressing Ocean Acidification as it relates to both sectors.

Participants at the two (2) day workshop focused on the areas of how it affects the environment, the economic as well as the social impacts. Several different areas were analyzed including the benefits the ocean provides for the fisheries and tourism sector, the challenges they face and what are the solutions to those challenges.

CBN4, 29 June 2015. Article.

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