OA-ICC December calendar: 5/12 – “OA research made in Germany”

Count down the days until 2015 together with the OA-ICC! Each day of December you will find a short story on the OA-ICC news stream highlighting an ocean acidification project, effort, or resource.

Discover today’s story, “OA research made in Germany”, below.


Ocean acidification research made in Germany spells “Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification”, or BIOACID for short. “Die Deutsche OA Mannschaft” joins forces in this ambitious project running since 2009. The overall goal of BIOACID is to better understand the chain from biological mechanisms, through individual organism responses, community and ecosystem effects, to food web and biogeochemical impacts, and through to potential socio-economic consequences.

Facebook users: Make sure that you are a friend of BIOACID to keep abreast of project news and general information on ocean acidification! (https://www.facebook.com/BIOACID.project?fref=ts)

To learn more about BIOACID, visit the project web site! (http://www.bioacid.de)


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