MS Research Assistantship in ocean acidification and hypoxia research on fish transcriptomics: California

Application deadline: 02/01/2015

Beginning of assignment:07/15/2015

The California State University (Monterey Bay) is seeking a MS thesis student to work on an NSF-funded project examining the effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia on the behavior, physiology and gene expression juvenile rockfish (Sebastes spp). This student will work in a collaborative group with researchers from UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State, Humboldt State, and NOAA to examine changes in rockfish gene expression under individual and combined stressors ( Applications for the CSU Monterey Bay Masters of Science program are due Feb. 1, 2015. If interested, please include your CV with GRE scores and GPA.

Requirements: strong background in molecular biology or genetics, physiology, marine ecology/biology; bioinformatics or strong computing skills (e.g. unix, R, or similar)

Contact person: Dr. Cheryl Logan, clogan(at)

More information.

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