OA-ICC & ENEA training course on ocean acidification and warming in the Mediterranean


The Expert Training Course “Effects of ocean acidification and global warming on Mediterranean selected marine organisms (polychaetes and coralline algae) – in situ and laboratory studies for monitoring Future Oceans” organized by the OA-ICC in cooperation with ENEA took place from 1 to 7 September 2014 in La Spezia, Italy. Eight young researchers were offered the opportunity to attend the training course.

The participation of five students from developing IAEA Member States (Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Tunisia)  was sponsored by the OA-ICC. The training and laboratory facilities offered by ENEA and the teaching task force provided by the MARES Joint Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation contributed to the success of the training course and represents yet another example of effective institutional partnerships promoting global actions in a changing ocean world.

The goal of this initiative, developed within the framework of the OA-ICC capacity building activities, was to provide young scientists with the necessary tools for ocean acidification (in a multiple stressors context) research and to help them establish networks for prospective collaboration. Over the duration of the training course, the participants managed to performe a botanical trekking, attend seminars and carry out exercises on global climate change topics, do relevant field work, and improve their data collection and management skills. All the participant were also given the chance to present their own on-going research projects and share their expectations regarding the evolution of the field.


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