A new online opportunity to promote your research on ocean acidification

A new research project using neural networks for ocean acidification has been launched by Tristan Sasse, a post-doctoral student at The University of New South Wales (Australia) via an open science platform called thinkable.org. This platform represents a new opportunity to engage research with the public and raise ongoing sponsorship funds.

Thinkable.org is a community-based funding/engagement model that relies on open-review and endorsements from fellow researchers, which helps the public learn and gain trust with what researchers do. Scientists can sign up for free at http://thinkable.org/Signup/Researcher to endorse or comment on ideas and products, and build their own research profile to start engaging a much wider audience for their work.

Tristan Sasse’s project entitled “Can neuroscience help us detect patterns of ocean acidification?”, as well as any other similar initiative submitted via thinkable.org,
can be endorsed, commented on or even supported financially (tax deductible for scientists). Sponsors regularly receive updates as the projects move forward on the platform, giving them the ability to learn about it in real-time, comment, pitch an idea and collaborate for the eventual papers.

The goal of this initiative is to build something that gives researchers a better platform to share, engage and fund their work. Researcher and their graduate students who feel they would be interested in profiling their research or need some advice on the tools available to create a 3-minute video abstract of their latest paper to share in their profile can send an email to b.mcneil(at)unsw.edu.au. Any comments and ideas are welcome.


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