NOAA grant opportunity: OA in the context of eutrophication, hypoxia and other stresses in coastal environments

The NOAA Ocean Acidification Program and the NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science have announced a new availability for grant funds for the fiscal year 2015. The funding opportunity, titled “Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program; Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research, Multiple effects of ocean acidification and nutrient loading to coastal marine ecosystems” addresses state, city, township or Native American tribal governments, NGOs, small businesses and private as well as public or state controlled institutions of higher education.

Deadline for submission of letter of intent: 11 August 2014.
Closing date for the full application: 23 October 2014.

NOAA is soliciting applications under the Coastal Hypoxia Research Program in conjunction with the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program for projects expected to last three years in duration. Research applications will focus on examining ocean acidification in the context of eutrophication, hypoxia and other stresses in coastal environments. This research will project regional impacts to economically important species and ecosystem services and provide a wider ecosystem context for the single-species studies and carbonate system measurements and monitoring undertaken by NOAA and other agencies.

More detailed information is available here. Please look for funding opportunity #: NOAA-NOS-NCCOS-2015-2004160


NOAA,, 10 July 2014. Website.

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