Funded OA PhD available at the University of Glasgow: “Understanding natural variability in marine carbonate systems in the context of global change”

Supervisors: Dr Nick Kamenos* (School of Geographical and Earth Sciences), Prof. Maggie Cusack (School of Geographical and Earth Sciences) and Dr Craig Buttar (School of Physics and Astronomy)


Project details: During this PhD the scholar will calibrate underwater carbonate chemistry sensors in mesocosms and then use them to understand natural carbonate chemistry variability in contrasting marine systems. The scholar will conduct all aspects of this research. They will: (1) test the sensors in the Marine Mesocosm Facility at the University of Glasgow and (2) determine the extent of natural carbonate chemistry variability in temperate and tropical marine shallow-water systems.

Full project details and application information

Eligibility: Please note that this studentship is available with full funding to UK / European Union citizens. Non EU citizens may be considered in exceptional cases (e.g. multiple relevant publications).


Application deadline: 12th Aug 2013

Interview date: 21st Aug 2013 (in person or online)

Start date: 1 October 2013

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