Ocean Acidification Research Apprenticeship – blog from mesocosm experiments at Friday Harbor

Students will participate in an ocean acidification mesocosm experiment. The lead instructor is James Murray (UW Ocean). Each student will help with design and conducting the overall sampling but will have their own specific research topic in microbiology (w/ Bob Morris, UW Ocean), phytoplankton (w/Robin Kodner, WWU, Ocean) or zooplankton (w/ Evelyn Lessard, UW Ocean). Students will also learn the chemical basics (calculation and analytical methods) of the ocean carbonate system.

There will be class lectures and discussions on the chemical and biological basics of previous mesocosm experiments, including the previous experiment at FHL in April 2012. There will be field trips to the impacted shellfish industry. Guest lectures will provide societal relevance. A final oral and written report will include the methods used, data obtained and what they mean.

Follow the experiments here.

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