Ocean acidification seminar to open Maine Fishermen’s Forum this Thursday, February 28

38th annual forum runs Thursday through Saturday, includes seminars, trade show, scholarship auction –

The 38th annual Maine Fishermen’s Forum will open Thursday, February 28, and continue through Saturday, March 2, at the Samoset Resort in Rockport. The forum is open to the public and attendance is free at the seminars and the trade show.

Thursday opens with a half-day seminar, 8 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in the Rockport Room at the Samoset, on ocean acidification in Maine, presented by The Island Institute, the National Fisheries Conservation Center, and the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. Researchers, commercial fishermen, shellfish harvesters, and growers will share stories, ask questions, and discuss next steps in addressing what can be done to protect and preserve the ocean that provides jobs and food.

The seminar will be presented in two parts. In Part 1, “Working in Changing Waters,” fishermen, growers, clammers, and researchers will share personal stories, findings, and questions about effects of changing seawater chemistry in Maine’s fisheries, and will look at how other states are working to adapt and protect resources. Speakers for Part 1 include Paul Anderson, Maine Sea Grant; Mark Green, St. Joseph’s College of Maine; Chad Coffin, Maine Clammers Association; Bill Mook, Mook’s Sea Farms; Jeff ‘Smokey’ McKeen, Pemaquid Oyster Company; Tim Bowden, University of Maine at Orono; David Cousens, Maine Lobstermen’s Association; and Brad Warren, Global Ocean Health Program. Part 2, “Tools to Detect and Manage Impacts,” designed for scientists, resource managers, and technically inclined seafood producers., will explore the tools needed to document impacts, inform policy, and reduce harm in Maine fisheries. Formation of a technical working group will be discussed. Speakers for Part 2 include Benoit Eudeline, Taylor Shellfish Farms; Joe Salisbury, University of New Hampshire; Dwight Gledhill, NOAA Ocean Acidification Program; and Todd Capson, Global Ocean Health Program. For more information on the ocean acidification seminar, contact Amy Grondin, ajgrondin@gmail.com or 206-295-4931.

Friday’s seminars will cover topics including the Habitat Omnibus Amendment 2, Ocean Renewable Energy, and a discussion of Our Changing Oceans and the Impact on the Groundfish Recovery. There will also be sessions on the Aquaculture Leasing Process and an opportunity for meeting the Marine Resources Committee. Saturday’s seminars will include Biotoxin Monitoring, the Gulf of Maine “Gear Grab,” Scallop Closed Areas, Aquaculture Opportunities for Seaweed, Urchins and Shellfish, and the Northern Shrimp Fishery’s Next Steps.

The Maine Fishermens’ Forum, a nonprofit organization, welcomes donations. For more information and a complete schedule, visit http://www.mainefishermensforum.org or call Forum Coordinator Chilloa Young at 442-7700.

The Free Press, 25 February 2013. Article.

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