What lies ahead for ocean ecosystems? – CO2-driven ocean acidification and the reorganization of marine communities (video)

Kristy J. Kroeker, University of California, Davis

Ocean acidification caused by increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions represents a pervasive environmental change that could impact a wide range of species and cause extensive changes in marine ecosystems. While there has been an explosion of research regarding individual species responses to acidification in laboratory studies, very little is known about the emergent effects on marine ecosystems. However, it is often the knowldege of the emergent effects that is the most useful to managers and policy makers. In this presentation, I will share the results from meta-analyses and field experiments in a naturally acidified ecosystem that suggest ocean acidification could cause an entire reorganization of marine communities, resulting in assemblages dominated by fleshy seaweeds with reduced diversity, invertebrate biomass, and trophic complexity.

Kavli Frontiers of Science, 3 February 2013. Presentation.

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