Still open: Marine zoology and ocean acidification quarter @ UW’s Friday Harbor Labs

Friday Harbor Labs (FHL) has extended their deadline for the Spring quarter Marine Zoology, Botany and Ocean Acidification Quarter. Consider studying off-campus this spring at FHL , UW’s world renowned marine station on San Juan Island. FHL is an ideal place to jump-start a career in the marine sciences, education, medicine, law and policy, and more!


Marine Zoology, Botany, and Ocean Acidification Quarter

Students live at the FHL dorms and take from 14-16 credits from this list of courses:

  • Marine Zoology (BIOL 430) plus Marine Botany (BIOL 445)
  • Developmental Biology (BIOL 411)
  • Chemical Oceanography (OCEAN 400)
  • Climate Change and Coastal Marine Organisms Apprenticeship (BIOL 479).
  • Ocean Acidification Research Apprenticeship (OCEAN 479)

All courses include lecture, laboratory, and field components that:

  • Survey the groups of marine invertebrates and plants represented in the San Juan Archipelago
  • Study embryology and subsequent development of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, including Xenopus, mammals, chicks, Drosophila, echinoderms.
  • Explore what controls the composition of seawater and how humans are changing it.

In addition, the two research apprenticeships connect students with current research projects that focus on the effects of climate change on individual marine organisms and their communities.

Read about a student’s experience in the Marine Zoology & Botany Quarter.

  • Application Deadline: remains open until program fills
  • All UW students are invited to apply

Let me know if you have questions!
Emily Beyer
Marine Biology Minor Advisor
116 FSH, Box 355020
Office Hours
marbiol; 206.543.7426


Emily Beyer, UW Scool of Environmental and Forest Sciences, 8 February 2012. Article.

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