Postdoctoral research position in ocean acidification effects on Arctic marine zooplankton

The Institute of Marine Research has an open position as postdoctoral researcher on the effect of ocean acidification on marine zooplankton, with special emphasis on krill.

Because of the increased solubility of CO2 in cold water, polar oceans are likely to be among the first marine environments to exhibit the effect of increased acidity (OA). The scenario of increased OA and global warming are expected to affect marine organisms in the Polar Regions and thus the structure and function of the ecosystem. In order to unravel these effects the Institute of Marine Research will carry out laboratory experiments at Austevoll and Matre research stations, just outside Bergen, Norway.

Here we seek a postdoctoral researcher who will lead and conduct much of the practical work related to OA experiments on marine zooplankton with special emphasis on krill. The successful candidate should have academic qualification (PhD or equivalent experience) in crustacean/zooplankton ecology and have experience in conducting experimental studies in key species, with special emphasis on rearing juvenile zooplankton. Competence with chemical analysis and calculation of seawater carbon chemistry is an essential part of OA experiments, and is also required for this position.

The vacant position will be at the “plankton group”, placed within the Climate-fish research program at IMR. In addition to the practical work related to the experiments, the candidate is expected publish the findings in international peer reviewed journal, and also to strengthen national and international collaborative research activities on this field and help us resolve some key questions related to impact of elevated acidification on zooplankton, with special emphasis on krill.

Contact: Petter Fossum (petter.fossum(at)

Institute of Marine Research, 20 October 2011. Web site.

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