Acidification may hurt local shellfish

Ocean acidification may be causing problems for shellfish producers on the northwest coast, says Brian Kingzett, the deep-bay field station manager for the Centre for Shellfish Research at Vancouver Island University.

Over the past few years, operations in Washington and Oregon have had difficult getting shellfish larvae to grow.

This problem may be due to global warming and increasing C02 in the atmosphere, said Kingzett.

Although it wasn’t clear whether this issue extended north to B.C., VIU’s shellfish research centre now believes it could be the cause of some problems in Vancouver Island hatcheries as well.

“It’s an indicator of a really significant global problem,” said Kingzett.

Ocean acidification creates a corrosive environment for organisms such as plankton, coral and shellfish, which build carbonate shells or skeletons., 19 October 2011. Full article.

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