PhD student – Optical Sensors (m/f)

Company: TU Graz, Insitut für Analytische Chemie und Lebensmittelchemie
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Research Project: Development of optical sensors and their application in studies on the ocean acidification due to global CO2 increase

We are searching for a PhD candidate who will participate in an EU project that will study the effects of ocean acidification due to global CO2 increase. The candidate will help in the development of an observatory that measures water chemistry in and around a natural CO2 seep. These data will be combined with biological and geochemical data (collected by others), and will give insight in the effects of ocean acidification on marine life and environment.

The candidate should have a background in organic or analytical chemistry, and an interest in environmental applications of novel analytical methods. He/she will help building the observatory and participate actively in the deployment at the CO2 seeps, and analyse and interpret the data. However, the first task is to design and optimize the chromophores that will be used to make optodes for O2, CO2, pH and temperature. The optical detection of the compounds occurs via optical fibers connected to a central detector unit, designed and build by the MPI.

He/she will be enrolled in the Technical University of Graz (Austria). He/she will work both in the Max-Planck-Institute for Marine PI and the TUG, and regularly travel between these institutes. Fieldwork will be organized by the MPI, mostly on shallow seeps near Sicily, possibly on deep sea seeps near Japan. Participation in these field campaigns, and collaboration with scientists in microbial ecology and biogeochemistry is an integral part of the project.
The PhD study will take 3 years, and should start April 1, 2011. The candidate must have an MSc or equivalent.

Information can be obtained from Prof. Dr. Ingo Klimant (TU Graz, +43 316 873 32500,, Dr. Frank Wenzhöfer (MPI, +49 421 2028 – 862, and Dr. Dirk de Beer (MPI, +49 421 2028 – 802,

Analytic News, 31 March 2011. Web site and more information.

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