Principal investigator opputunities in Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences invites applications for two Principal Investigator (PI) positions in any of the following areas: 1) Ocean Ecosystem Health (e.g. ecosystem stability/biodiversity, ocean acidification, perturbations to the ocean), 2) Ocean Carbon Cycle and Global Change (e.g. biogeochemistry, air/sea gas exchange, controls on the biological pump, integrating scales from intracellular metabolism to global processes), 3) Ocean Modeling (e.g., theoretical biological oceanography, coupled biogeochemistry/GCM models, ecosystem/mass balance models, trophodynamic models).

In particular, we seek candidates who will take advantage of the emerging fields of ocean observing and/or blue biotechnology as cross-cutting themes. Candidates should also plan to make use of a variety of facilities available at Bigelow Laboratory such as: the Provasoli-Guillard National Centerfor the Culture of Marine Phytoplankton (CCMP;, flow cytometry facility (, Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometer facility (, molecular biology facility(, single cell genomics facility (, remote sensing facility ( or transmission, electron/confocal microscope facility ( Most of these facilities will be situated at Bigelow Laboratory’s new Ocean Campus, a $20-million construction project which is due to break ground in September 2010. It will be built on a 64-acre deepwater site, 8-miles from the Laboratory’s current base. ( The first wing of the Ocean Campus, the Bigelow Center for Blue Biotechnology (BCBB) is due to be completed in November 2011 (/about/news/news_archives/news-2009/_4_5_million_award/).

Examples of such translational, cross disciplinary research could include, but are not limited to, a) bioprospecting amongst the Laboratory’s culture collection for novel natural products and biofuels, b) using newly-available ocean observing assets to elucidate the impacts of climate change on the ocean carbon cycle, c) better understanding of the oceanic biological pump using high-throughput molecular “-omics” tools/new ocean observing assets, or d) development of more accurate models to predict environmental change in the ocean, constrained by ongoing ocean observing data sets.

Minimum requirements are a Ph.D. with a two years postdoctoral experience and the capability to acquire federal funding and lead scientific programs. Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a primarily soft money institution with the expectation that the PI will generate external funding and be involved in the Laboratory’s independently-funded teaching and technology transfer activities. Salary and start-up packages are negotiable. Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences provides a generous benefits package including family medical and dental and pension/403c retirement plan. Applicants should consult the laboratory’s recently-updated strategic plan, available at

Applicants should send their CV; a letter of intent describing candidate’s motivation, qualifications and experience relevant to this position; plus contact information for three references to Please reference Job # SRS-2011-1 in the subject line. All applications willbe acknowledged upon receipt. Any questions should be directed through Ms. Jane Gardner (tel. 207-633-9600). For full consideration, the application should be received by 15 October 2010. The search will continue until the positions are filled. Bigelow Laboratory is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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