Southampton researchers awarded ocean acidification funding

Scientists from the School of Ocean and Earth Science are to lead major elements of a national programme to investigate the impacts of ocean acidification.

The UK’s Ocean Acidification Research Programme (UKOARP) involves 101 scientists from 21 of the UK’s top scientific institutions. The £12 million five-year programme consists of several projects working together to examine different aspects of this global issue.

University of Southampton researchers Dr Toby Tyrell and Professor Eric Achterberg, based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, will coordinate a £3.6 million multi-institute consortium to investigate the impacts of acidification on the surface ocean and the plankton which inhabit it.

“Carbon dioxide produced by human activities such as land-use change and the burning of fossil fuels for energy is a cause of global warming, but it is also entering the sea and making it more acidic,” says Dr Tyrrell.

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON News Release. Full article.

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