Scientists enter unusual alliance to study Arctic Ocean

The Leibniz Institute for Marine Sciences at Kiel University is getting logistical support from Greenpeace, as an unusual joint expedition looks to fill a gap in our knowledge of the Arctic and its ocean ecosystems.

Keeping a safe distance to the iceberg floating in the Kongsfjord, the Greenpeace ship, the Esperanza, leaves the harbour of the Arctic research station Ny Alesund. As well as the regular crew from the organisation better known for spectacular protests and campaigns, the Esperanza is transporting a team of scientists and some large, intriguing rectangular frames, with what look like plastic bags hanging down from the top.

When it emerged that there was no scientific vessel available during the crucial weeks of the busy summer season needed for the experiment, Greenpeace offered to transport the bulky but delicate equipment from Kiel up to the Arctic. It’s designed for a unique experiment to research the effects of ocean acidification.

Irene Quaile, DW-WORLD.DR, 23 June 2010. Full article.

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