Ocean acidification could cause loss of biodiversity in Barents Sea

The Barents Sea is particularly vulnerable to lowering pH levels and increasing acidification, say some scientists. Its cold water temperatures allow it to absorb greater amounts of CO2 than warm waters, meaning, the Barents Sea could acidify quicker than other water systems in the world, threatening biodiversity.

As a group of British scientists return from the North Pole with new data concerning the acidification of Arctic sea water, Nordic scientists at home are especially concerned about the direct effects on the Barents Sea.

Researchers with the Catlin Arctic Survey ventured north to collect the first ever water samples from the pole in order to study the rate of ocean acidification caused by rising CO2 levels. Cold waters absorb greater amounts of CO2 than warm waters, which consequently lowers the pH level and increases acidification.

Margaret Cappa, Barents Observer, 18 May 2010. Full article.

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