“Silent timebomb” to be studied at new Newburgh unit

Oceanlab 2 to tackle acidification

A new £5million research facility has been built in the north-east to help scientists tackle the “silent environmental timebomb” facing the world’s oceans.

Talk of climate change has centred on rising sea levels and freak weather events – while problems caused by the acidulation of the seas have slipped under the radar largely.

However, professor Monty Priede, of the University of Aberdeen, is heading a top team of marine experts looking to save the Earth’s underwater environment from the excesses of mankind.

The university’s Oceanlab is already leading groundbreaking studies and uncovered six new species of fish last year alone.

Now Oceanlab 2 – a brand new complex next door to the original Oceanlab at Newburgh – will enable scientists to do much more to further our understanding of the marine environment. The combined Oceanlab facilities will give scientists the capabilities to explore every part of the sea from its shores to its furthest depths.

Prof Priede said this will be crucial in the fight to learn more about what C0 emissions are doing to fish.

“The big issue of concern is ocean acidification as the carbon dioxide released by industry is absorbed by the ocean,” he said.

Ryan Crighton, The Press and Journal, 27 January 2010. Full article.

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