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Carbon dioxide, a common by-product of human industry, is being absorbed in huge amounts by our oceans, altering its chemistry in the process. The more acid oceans resulting could forever change the balance of our ecosystems, but scientists are still struggling to understand the repercussions.

“A Sea Change: Imagine a World Without Fish,” documents one man’s effort to learn more about the problem and what might be at stake. Concerned for the future of our oceans, and the world that will be left behind for generations to come, California environmentalist Sven Huseby and film-director wife Barbara Ettinger created the film.

Bishop Museum is screening “Sea Change” Thursday.

Local marine scientists are trying to understand how ocean acidification will affect Hawai’i, too. On Thursday, five will participate in a panel discussion at Bishop Museum after the film.

We asked panelist Ku’ulei Rodgers, a scientist who conducts research at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology, to tell us more about ocean acidification.

“Until we understand the threats we’re facing, we can’t effectively combat them,” Rodgers said.

Ashlee Duenas, The Honolulu Adviser, 20 June 2009. Full article.

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