Ocean acidification, global warming’s “Equally Evil Twin”

The following letter by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is being republished by the Save the Earth Foundation:

Neal Pargman, Founder

Save The Earth

37594 Eveningside Road

Palm Desert, CA 92211

Dear Neal,

Many years before it was widely recognized by the public, Save The Earth understood the perils of global warming. Another related aspect of global climate change, sometimes called the evil twin of global warming, is ocean acidification. It is becoming clear that as a result of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the oceans are becoming more acidic. I am encouraged that Save The Earth and Pacific Dry Goods have developed a partnership to help the Monterey Bay Sanctuary address this issue.

Save The Earth has supported research at Davidson Seamount, an ancient volcano recently added to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary because of its spectacular biological communities. The deep waters off of central California are known for naturally greater acidity, so they may become “ground zero” for human caused changes to come. By supporting deep sea coral transplant experiments, Pacific Dry Goods will increase our understanding of biological responses to ocean acidification.

Moreover, the Save The Earth and Pacific Dry Goods collaboration will help the Sanctuary develop a comprehensive research plan on ocean acidification. This July, the Sanctuary Advisory Council as well as its research working group have indicated a need to address ocean acidification thoughtfully. While there are obvious research questions related to shifts in the ocean food chain, where species with calcium carbonate shells are critical, and how to monitor and predict changes, a Monterey Sanctuary research plan has yet to be developed. The most recent literature and expert advisors will help develop a clear plan that will be made available through the world wide web, including basic information and graphics for the public.

Exciting research, informed planning, and education will influence the world community to change public policy and change human behavior. I want to thank Pacific Dry Goods and Save The Earth for your continued partnership on research and conservation issues. We’re making progress and there are many exciting opportunities ahead.


Andrew DeVogelaere, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator; SIMoN Director

(831) 647-4213


Cc: Paul Michel, Superintendent

For more information, go to www.savetheearth.org

CONTACT:Neal Pargman,

PR Newswire, 20 July 2009, Full article.

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