SOARCE webinar series: Ocean Protector, an online ocean acidification game (text & video)


Ocean Protector is a new online game-based learning program to teach middle school students about the impacts of ocean acidification (OA) and positive actions to help. Thanks to funding from the NOAA OAP Education mini-grant, the game was developed collaboratively with educators to deliver a digital program that is engaging, easy to use, and integrates NOAA data into a framework that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards. Students begin the game by learning about OA and selecting a character role, such as marine park manager, fishing boat captain, or ocean tour guide. Students then evaluate and select decisions for how to reduce OA impacts on their character and marine life. After each decision the game updates dynamically and students analyze how their actions influenced OA impacts using data and their learned knowledge. Ultimately, this decision-driven process helps foster student-centered learning and ocean literacy, including with students from inland communities. Ocean Protector and associated lesson-plans are released freely online at…. The presentation will detail the design structure, game details/usability, and educator resources along with lessons learned from the entire development process.

NOAA Ocean Acidification Program, 13 November 2023. Text & video.

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