Ocean acidification 1 (OA1) mooring

The ocean acidification 1 (OA1) mooring, located just offshore of Hopkins Marine Station and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, was initially deployed in 2012. Sensors on the mooring measure ocean biogeochemical and physical properties over time, including water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, pH, and pCO2 both in air and just below the surface. A meteorological sensor package provides measurements of wind speed and direction, air temperature, and air pressure. In 2014 an acoustic receiver was deployed as part of a collaborative project to monitor movements of tagged marine animals.

The data collected from this and other moorings near Monterey Bay are analyzed by oceanographers and marine scientists to study processes such as coastal upwelling, ocean acidification, hypoxia, and climate variability and change.

MBARI, 17 November 2023. Full article.

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