OA Week 2023- LAOCA: Latin American and Caribbean OA Network

Date: Wednesday 1 November 2023

Time: 14:00 UTC  View in various time zones


LAOCA is a GOA-ON regional hub that became a necessary network to integrate the Latin American scientists. In this session, we showcase research conducted throughout the hub and highlight the wide array of work from established and early career scientists.

Session Organizer(s):

  • Jose Martin Hernandez Ayon and Carla Berghoff


  • Natalie Bravo Senmache*

Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University


  • Natalie Bravo Senmache*

Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University

Monitoring the carbonate system off Peru: a collaborative effort for SDG indicator 14.3.1

  • Valentina Amaral*

Universidad de la República de Uruguay

Acquisition of capabilities for studying and monitoring acidification in coastal systems in Uruguay

  • Victor Aguilera Ramos

Center of Advanced Studies in Arid Zones

Intraseasonal upwelling variability in the Humboldt EBUS under moderate La Niña conditions

  • Lisandro Arbilla*


CO2 Fluxes in the Drake Passage: A Comprehensive Exploration

  • Luz de Lourdes Aurora Coronado Alvarez*

Insitituto de Investigaciones Oceanólogicas

Empirical algorithm applied to satellite data for omega aragonite estimations in the Mexican Pacific

GOA-ON, 31 October 2023. More information.

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