OA Week 2023 – OARS: Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability

Date: Monday 30 October 2023

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Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability, OARS, is the UN Ocean Decade endorsed programme building on the work of GOA-ON. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal Target 14.3, OARS is dedicated to minimising and addressing the impacts of Ocean Acidification (OA) through enhanced cooperation at all levels. Seven outcomes in support of this goal were defined. OARS fosters collaboration and capacity-building and bridges the gap between cutting-edge research and practical applications. During the first two years of OARS, the Outcomes co-champions formulated a vision for the future actions and activities that are needed from the ocean community. This vision is captured in a series of white papers. With this vision as our guiding light, the OARS community now moves into an implementation phase. As OARS co-leads, we invite you to join us and to engage in and develop new projects and actions. Together, we can deliver the information needed by policy makers and communities to best mitigate and adapt to the impacts of OA.


  • Amy Kenworthy*

Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK


  • Jan Newton

University of Washington, USA

  • Steve Widdicombe

Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

  • Kirsten Isensee

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO

GOA-ON, 27 October 2023. More information.

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