OA Week 2023 – ICONEC: International Carbon Ocean Network for Early Career

Date: Tuesday 31 October 2023

Time: 11:00 UTC  View in various time zones



The ICONEC session brings together early career ocean professionals from across the globe and spectra of ocean acidification science. In this session we are highlighting some of the work our members are conducting using both traditional methods and cutting edge technologies. We will hear from presenters and then have a discussion on the science presented and how ICONEC can best work for the community. Please come along for the science and discussion, we would love to hear from both early careers and more experienced ocean professionals!

Session Organizer(s):

  • Austin Pugh* and Sarah Cryer*


  • Austin Pugh*



  • Sarah Cryer*

National Oceanography Centre & University of Southampton, UK

Investigating controls of super saturated pCO2 water in a shallow, river-fed, tropical, coastal ocean environment

  • Margaret Ogudare*

Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria

Baseline coastal ocean acidification studies in the Gulf Guinea

  • Isa Elgbede*

Geo Blue planet, Switzerland & Lagos state university, Lagos, Nigeria

Oceanic Blue carbon and their role in sustainable development in the global south

  • Emily Hammermeister*

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Novel technologies and applications for ocean acidification observation

GOA-ON, 27 October 2023. More information.

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