Job opportunity: 5-week part-time OA Week Remote Coordinator internship for ECOPs

Application deadline: Thursday, 28 September 2023


This is a 5-week GOA-ON OA Week Remote Coordinator Internship opportunity for early career ocean professions (ECOPs) to be a part of the OA Week Planning Team alongside the GOA-ON Secretariat. If you are interested in assisting with OA Week coordination along with the GOA-ON Secretariat, being a co-point of contact for presenting ocean professionals from around the world, creating communication items that get dispersed across wide channels, and more, consider this position. GOA-ON aims to offer opportunities such as these to provide ECOPs opportunities to gain experience in different career trajectories and opportunities, exposure to the global ocean professional community, and opportunities to strengthen a diverse set of skills.


Self-identified as being early in their career (10 years or less of professional experience) within any occupation related to the ocean (not only employed/paid positions). ICONEC members are particularly encouraged to apply.

Time Expectations

Potential time commitment: 4-7 hours/week from October 2 – November 10

How to apply

To apply, please email the GOA-ON Secretariat ( with a brief (max 1 paragraph) description of why you are interested in this position, your predicted time availability, and location where you are based.

GOA-ON. More information.

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