Ocean acidification week 2023

OA Week debuted in 2020, and returned in 2021, when events and conferences were postponed due to COVID-19. Following the successful in-person Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World in 2022, GOA-ON is bringing back OA Week 2023 to maintain momentum around OA research and provide a virtual platform for the ocean acidification community to exchange their latest findings. This virtual symposium will bring together researchers across the world with sessions, plenary speakers, and engaging talks about ocean acidification research. If you have specific questions, please contact us at secretariat@goa-on.org.

The key goals of OA Week are:

  1. Engage the OA and broader oceanographic communities, raise awareness to the issue of OA, and bring attention to the global OA monitoring, research, capacity building, and education efforts.
  2. Share GOA-ON’s three high-level goals.
  3. Raise awareness and create community around OA research to support the UN Ocean Decade Endorsed Programme OARS in its implementation phase.
  4. Engage early career ocean professionals through ICONEC.

Please fill out this registration survey to indicate your interest in organizing, facilitating, proposing or presenting any of the sessions prior to 11 August 11 2023: Registration Survey.

GOA-ON, 4 August 2023. More information.

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