Student cruise opportunity: U.S. GO-SHIP A13.5 2024

Deadline for applications: 8 September 2023 (or until filled)

Number of positions available: 4

US GO-SHIP is looking for students and early career scientists/technicians to participate in a 2024 hydrographic expedition occupying the 0E meridional line in the South Atlantic Ocean aboard the R/V Marcus G. Langseth. The U.S. GO-SHIP program collects data for global CO2 and climate variability programs.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in oceanic fieldwork, participate in the collection of full water column hydrographic data of the highest quality available globally, learn new skills, interact and learn from world-class scientists and technicians, and become a valuable member of a team.

The ship will depart from Praia, Cape Verde in mid to late January. This cruise will last ~7.5 weeks from mid-January through early-March of 2024. After 51 days of at-sea hydrographic operations, it will arrive Cape Town South Africa in early-March.

US GO-SHIP pays all travel costs. It also pays student salary/tuition costs during the time of the cruise plus the few travel days before and after the cruise, if and only if the student is enrolled at a U.S. institution. Salary can only be provided to those who already have the ability to work in the United States. As a project, not an institution, U.S. GO-SHIP cannot assist anyone in obtaining a work visa.

US GO-SHIP is seeking a total of 4 students: 2 students for CTD/deck operations (typically, but not always, with Physical Oceanography backgrounds), 1 student to assist with tracer (e.g., CFCs and SF6) analyses (typically chemistry background), and 1 student to assist with LADCP (Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) operations (typically physical oceanography or engineering background).


  • A cover letter indicating your interest and information about your background including the type of research you are carrying out if you are at that stage. No transcript needed.
  • A CV, including: 1) name of the academic program; 2) name and contact information for your advisor (they will be contacted); 3) any prior cruise experience (not required).
  • Candidates may apply for more than one position with the same application. Please indicate the position(s) of interest. It is also possible that other assistant-type positions will be available for one or more of the various lab teams. Please indicate if you are willing to have your application materials shared should these positions become available. Note that compensation for such positions will likely be different from that described above.
  • Please send your materials in one email to all the relevant PI(s) and chief scientist so that everyone is aware of your interest(s).


  • Alison Macdonald (, U.S. GO-SHIP Executive Council co-chair and Project Manager
  • Zach Erickson (, A13.5 Chief Scientist

US GO-SHIP, 24 July 2023. More information.

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