Job opportunity: Co-Chief Scientist, US GO-SHIP 2024 A13.5

Deadline for applications: 21 August 2023

Chief Scientist: Dr. Zach Erickson (NOAA/PMEL),

US GO-SHIP is looking for scientists and or technicians with experience in physical or chemical oceanography (hydrography) who would be interested in participating as co-Chief Scientist on the decadal re-occupation of the U.S. GO-SHIP meridional hydrographic line known as A13.5 (0°E in the Atlantic Ocean). This expedition is ~2 months long (Praia, Cape Verde to Cape Town,  South Africa,  January to March 2024). No at-sea experience is necessary, although it can be a plus. The Chief Scientist will provide training and mentoring onboard. As the co-Chief Scientist experience is a stepping stone to future opportunities to sail as Chief Scientist preferred candidates are early career, but technicians with equivalent experience are also encouraged to apply.


Pre-cruise: Assist Chief Scientist with pre-cruise planning and selection of student participants as needed. Attend pre-cruise meeting and bystander training, as well as student get-togethers (all meetings will be virtual)

At sea: The Co-Chief will be the scientist-in-charge on one 12-hour watch, opposite the Chief Scientist with the following responsibilities: ensuring the CTD watch runs the CTD console and completes routine forms and tasks for each station; mentoring students assigned to the watch; deciding sampling levels for each parameter in accordance with the chief scientist; organizing the CTD watch and rosette operations, assisting with water sampling (directing operations (sample cop) and/or obtaining water parameter samples); and assisting in at-sea data reviews and documentation.

Post-cruise: Assist the Chief Scientist with cruise report preparation and review of data, quality codes, and documentation.


Salary support for academic co-Chief Scientists will be negotiated and is typically supplied via sub-awards from UCSD/SIO to the participant’s institution. It typically covers time at-sea, in port, on travel, and several weeks of preparation. Travel will be paid by UCSD/SIO.


The co-Chief positions are considered stepping-stones for early career scientists, but are also open to high-level scientists/technicians with PhDs or equivalent experience. No at-sea experience is necessary, although it can be a plus. The Chief Scientist will provide training on board. Although preference may be given to those with ongoing research in the Atlantic Ocean, all are welcome to apply. If there are multiple qualified applicants for these positions, selection will be made by the Chief Scientist in consultation with the U.S. GO-SHIP Executive Council. All participant passports must have an expiration date at least 6 months past the end of the cruise (March 2024). Passport details must be available at the time a candidate is selected for this position.


To join us for a fantastic experience in this highly exciting region of the Atlantic Ocean, email letters of application (containing CV, a brief summary of your research interests and experience and the name and email address of a reference) to the US GO-SHIP Project Manager Alison Macdonald ( as well as to Chief Scientist Zach Erickson (

US GO-SHIP, 24 July 2023. More information.

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