Looking to connect with other early career folks in ocean carbon? Join the International Carbon Ocean Network for Early Career (ICONEC)

“We aim to create a community of early career professionals who can interact and support each other as peers across international borders.”

Next ICONEC virtual group meeting: Tuesday, 25 July 2023, 4pm UTC / 9am PDT.

Founded in October 2022, the International Carbon Ocean Network for Early Career (ICONEC) is comprised of early career ocean professionals working in marine carbon (mCDR, ocean acidification, climate modelling, monitoring, policy, and education), and is dedicated to lifting and empowering early career folks by creating a space to support each other, foster greater collaboration, and generate opportunities for career development.

In only a few months, ICONEC has grown to over 80 total members based in over 20 countries and has recently become an official Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network Hub (GOA-ON).


The GOA-ON ICONEC Network is a place where:

  • Provide opportunities for ECOP’s to increase their involvement with their local GOA-ON Hub(s).
  • GOA-ON members who identify as ECOPs, and ECOPs who support the goals of GOA-ON, can find an inclusive and welcoming community centred around a common interest in global marine carbon cycling.
  • Provide a space where Members can openly share experiences, ideas, and frustrations, and seek support from other ECOPS.
  • Knowledge and capacity sharing between ECOP’s is facilitated.
  • Ensure all members people are valued, respected, and welcomed.
  • Communication and collaboration are encouraged, and opportunities for communication are supported through our various engagement platforms, working groups, and meetings.
  • Create and promote opportunities that all ECOP’s to take a larger role in relevant projects.

Members of the GOA-ON ICONEC Network are:

  • Early career ocean professional (ECOP) who make their living from a healthy ocean, with an interest in the ocean carbon cycle.
  • Self-identified as being early in their career (10 years or less of professional experience) within any occupation related to the ocean (not only employed/paid positions).
  • Involved with their local GOA-ON regional Hub.
  • Actively supporting and contributing to ECOP driven projects that raise the profile of ECOP voices in the conversation which surrounds marine carbon.
  • Interested in creating and participating in global capacity sharing opportunities.
  • Committed to the values expressed in the ICONEC Values Statement.

ICONEC members meet regularly, on a bi-monthly basis. The next group call will take place on Tuesday, 7/25 @4pm UTC/9am PDT.

ICONEC also hosts workshops and skill share activities, and promotes collaboration on smaller joint projects including perspectives papers, policy briefs, data retreats, webinars, and more.

How to Join

If you are currently a member of GOA-ON and would like to also join the ICONEC community, please email secretariat@goa-on.org.

If you are new to GOA-ON, go to “GOA-ON Membership Registration” and select the option to join ICONEC.

Adapted after Patrick Duke, OAIE and goa-on.org. More information.

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