The good, the bad and the ugly [excerpts]

The return of El Niño, a climate phenomenon, would cause a global temperature surge ‘off the charts’, ushering in a new age of extreme heat. As a result, it is ‘very likely’ that the planet will warm by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, as early predictions imply severe weather will intensify throughout the globe. El Niño refers to a warming and cooling cycle that occurs every two to seven years in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, which gets up to 3°C warmer. This cycle is responsible for setting off a chain reaction of impacts all over the world. […]

Ocean acidification

EL NIÑO and ocean acidification are linked through changes in the ocean’s carbonate system, which explains the balance of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, carbonate, and pH in ocean water. Coral bleaching and ocean acidification threaten marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Coral bleaching and ocean acidification are threats to marine ecosystems and biodiversity. El Niño may influence the carbonate system by affecting the solubility and distribution of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds. This can lead to geographical and temporal fluctuations in the ocean’s carbonate system, which may have good or adverse effects on marine life depending on the location and length of the event. This may raise pH and carbonate saturation in surface waters, making them more corrosive to calcium carbonate shells and skeletons. […]

New Age, 11 April 2023. Full article.

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