Call for submissions – Frontiers in Marine Science research topic: time-series observations of ocean acidification

Abstract submission deadline: 15 April 2023

Manuscript submission deadline: 1 September 2023

Frontiers in Marine Science is inviting authors to submit original research articles, reviews and methodological / guidelines papers within the framework of its research topic “Time-series observations of ocean acidification: a key tool for documenting impacts on a changing planet”. Editors encourage submissions tackling all aspects of time-series observations that contribute to the quantification and forecasting of ocean acidification patterns and trends, together with their impact on marine organisms, ecosystems and societies, whether in coastal or open ocean areas.

This research topic includes but is not limited to the following:

  • time-series observations related to ocean acidification in coastal areas, marginal seas, and the open ocean;
  • studies that link physical, chemical, and biological observations;
  • modeling and projections of ocean acidification variability and patterns;
  • methodologies, best practices, new products, and recommendations that can help the observational community in advancing ocean acidification research and linking it with other climate-related consequences.

This research topic seeks to emphasise the importance of time-series observations for understanding and differentiating natural and anthropogenic variability of physical, chemical and biological components of marine environments in the context of ocean acidification and the wider multiple stressors scenarios. This approach to a long-term assessment of ocean health will provide critical knowledge on current and future threats for marine ecosystems and will prompt effective adaptation and mitigation strategies.

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