Celebrating Women’s History Month 2023 with Kaity Goldsmith

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we asked women throughout NOAA Research who make lasting impacts in scientific research, leadership, and support from the field to the office to share how their work contributes to NOAA’s mission of Climate Resilience and preparing for a Climate-Ready Nation. This article highlights an interview with Kaity Goldsmith, Intramural Program Specialist in NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program. Kaity strategically engages across NOAA offices to coordinate and fund ocean and coastal acidification research to better prepare society to respond to changing ocean conditions. 

Our conversation follows:

What does climate resilience or climate-ready nation mean to you? What would you want people to know about NOAA’s work on climate resilience?

Ocean acidification is a fundamental change in the chemistry of the ocean caused by the ocean absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is caused by the same forces that drive climate change and the mitigation and adaptation mechanisms are in line with creating a more climate ready nation. 

By engaging in ocean acidification research, NOAA promotes an understanding of the possible future conditions and helps communities prepare for those potential realities. I think of it as turning the headlights on in a car so the driver can see down the road and prepare accordingly. By researching the potential impacts of ocean acidification, as well as identifying scientifically sound approaches to dealing with those impacts, the nation has options and time to take climate resilience actions.  

What drew you to the field?

Like so many 19-year olds, I was searching for what my slice in this world could be as I worked towards my bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Sitting in my business classes, I couldn’t find a clear career path that suited me. On a whim one day, I applied to volunteer for an environmental NGO to give back in some small way to the environment that gave me so much solace and peace of mind. In volunteering, I realized the plethora of ways I never knew existed that I could have a career in the natural environment. That realization was an avalanche moment in my life that led me on an incredible path towards working in a field I love.  

NOAA, 20 March 2023. Full article.

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