Celebrating Women’s History Month 2023 with Libby Jewett

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we asked women throughout NOAA Research who make lasting impacts in scientific research, leadership, and support from the field to the office to share how their work contributes to NOAA’s mission of Climate Resilience and preparing for a Climate-Ready Nation. This article highlights an interview with Libby Jewett, the Director of the Ocean Acidification Program in Silver Spring. Libby founded the Ocean Acidification Program in 2011, has grown its budget and reach, and continues to steer it in important and innovative directions.

Our conversation follows:

What does climate resilience or climate-ready nation mean to you? What would you want people to know about NOAA’s work on climate resilience?

A climate ready nation is one that doesn’t accept the trajectory we are on, but rather works harder to solve the climate problem. In NOAA, we need to figure out how to enhance renewable energy and carbon dioxide removal options, without harming the oceans in the process. From an ocean acidification perspective, a climate ready nation is one in which people have essential information about how ocean acidification is playing out from local to global scales and the tools needed to adapt to its challenges.

NOAA, 20 March 2023. Full article.

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