Short-course: quality control and management of carbonate chemistry data for studies of ocean natural variability and long-term ocean acidification monitoring programs in Latin America

The Latin American Ocean Acidification Network (LAOCA), with co-sponsorship from the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), the Coastal Socio-Ecological Millennium Institute (SECOS), the Anillo Project ENSO-Climate Change and the Carbon cycle in the Pacific South East (ECLIPSE), is coordinating and hosting a Short Workshop for Latin America and other developing countries on Carbonate Chemistry data QC and management from November 9 to 11 2022.

This -free of charge- workshop aim giving some background information and training for a group of scientists from Latin America, on data quality control (QC) procedures that estimate the consistency of the data across ocean acidification observing systems, including pH and pCO2 data from oceanographic buoys and ship-based observations, as well, as principles on data management of carbonate chemistry data.

Dr. Richard Feely – NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, United States
Dr. Hernán García – National Centers for Environmental Information (formerly NODC), NOAA NESDIS, United States
Dr. Liqing Jiang – Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland, United States

Dr. Anton Velo – Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas, CSIC, Vigo, Spain
Dr. Luis Antonio Cuevas – Coastal Ecosystems and Environmental Global Change Lab (ECCALab), Department of Aquatic System, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Universidad de Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile, Coastal Social-Ecological Millenium Institute SECOS.


How to apply?
Those interested in participating should complete the “application form”, which can be downloaded from the following URL, including all the required personal and curricular information, in addition to their summarized CV (maximum 5 pages, and a letter of intent that clearly indicates their experience, current interests, and the benefits you expect to gain from your participation in this course.

Deadline for application
November 2, 2022
Note: Participants selected will be informed during the next 2 days after the deadline of submission

Contact and submission of applications

SECOS, 7 October 2022. More information.

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